Roland Lawless, CD

Director of Veterans Outreach

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Retired RCA ~ Veteran UN-NATO (Nova Scotia) Group

Born in Amherst, NS. Rollie joined the CAF in 82’ as a Vehicle Tech. Completing Trade Qualification 3 course, he was posted to CFB Gagetown from 83’ to 88’ then posted to Laur West Germany, the 1st Royal Canadian Horse Artillery C Battery. In 92’ he returned to Canada to CFB Petawawa, 2 Service Bn where he was deployed to CANLOGBAT in Primosten Croatia, the Former Republic of Yugoslavia from 94’ - 95’. On his return to Canada he was posted CFB Halifax NS. Rollie was diagnosed with PTSD and medically released in 2002 after serving 20 years.
After years of treatment Rollie now advocates for other Veterans. In addition to helping various Veteran organizations like the RCL NS NU Command, Rollie now serves on the Board of Directors for the Society of Atlantic Heroes and the Veterans Memorial Medical Centre, both from their inception.