Atlantic House

The Society of Atlantic Heroes (SOAH)  has taken its first step on a long-term vision to establish Atlantic House, a transition support center based in Halifax that will serve both active and retired military veterans, RCMP and first responders who are suffering Post Traumatic Stress Disorders and other Occupational Stress Injuries.  
The development strategy for the Transition Support Centre will build on successive development phases that will begin with the establishment of apartments leading to future construction of the Atlantic House, a 10 to 15 bed home which will provide temporary accommodations for veterans and first responders and their immediate family members who must travel in excess of 100 km within the Atlantic region to attend specialist appointments in Halifax.
On 14 June 2017, the Society launched its first three-bedroom apartment to accommodate veterans, first responders and their immediate family members. It provides a home-away-from-home while attending to the care and treatment of loved ones.  Accomodations are provided free of charge for a period up to two weeks.  Extensions beyond this period will be entertained  on a case by case basis. Reservations are required and are based on highest priority cases for eligible parties.  For a list of eligible associations please refer to the Eligibility requirements under the Atlantic House pull down menu. 
The apartment is centrally located at 2060 Quingate Place, Halifax, N.S. near major hospitals and medical offices.  Individuals and families who require accommodation may make application to the Society of Atlantic Heroes, following the How to Apply instructions under the Atlantic House pull down menu. All information required on the requiste application and release forms will be held in strictest confidence.