Core Values


Core Values of the Foundation

Every veteran should feel appreciated and proud of his/her contribution to protect Canadian values at home and abroad.
The success of the Foundation is based on the success of the veterans and their families whom we serve.
Excellence: The Foundation and its partner agencies are committed to providing the best possible supports to serve our veterans
Loyalty: The Foundation and partner agencies will remain attentive to every veterans needs at each stage of the transition recovery.
Dignity: Every veteran will be accorded the dignity and respect for deserving of their  courage and personal sacrifice
Hope: The Foundation and its Partners will guide veterans on a path of optimism and personal success
Community: The Foundation and Partner agencies are committed  working with community leaders and the public institutions to provide veterans with  a meaningful and seamless transition back into the community.
Service: There are no failures, our job is not done until each veteran is fully integrated back into the community with follow-ups.